Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Twilight Series--the good kind, though

It's that time of year again, the time where I go nuts about the sunsets here.
Here's two reasons I do this:
- they are AMAZING!
- they occur after the Anderson children are to bed

Monday night I noticed the colours of the sky so off I went with big camera and tripod in hand...

Just after 8 pm, this is looking NORTHwest.

SO pretty, see the Caithness hills in the distance?

Then I turned around towards the southwest and took a photo of the harbour.
The north church steeple is in the background.

I ran* down the coast and took another photo looking back on Buckie.

*by "run" I mean got in my vehicle and drove

Then back up by the harbour,
see the lights of Lossiemouth on the far horizon?

I played around with my camera settings

And somehow made it look like a colouring book..

But the harbour was a teensy bit creepy at night, and I didn't have my big tough husband with me
so I packed it up and departed that area directly.

By this time it was 10pm...

And the sky was still so pretty...

Most assuredly there will be future installments of this series in the upcoming months!