Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Foodie: UK Style Part 1

Lest you be confused:
I am NOT a foodie.
To me a foodie lives for exotic and gourmet foods, loves sushi, and can pronounce foie gras correctly.

For obvious reasons I don't appear becoming a foodie anytime soon as I:
- Can't stand the taste of kale 
- Still eat mac and cheese from a box. Living those blue box blues, for reals.
- Shudder at quinoa with the eensy "worms" that are suddenly produced by cooking it
(by the way I feel ridiculous with the "KEEN-wah" pronunciation. 
I'm a rebel and call it like I see it (read: the hillbilly way) "quinn-no-uh")

I live in the UK. 
I eat food in the UK.
I sometimes take pictures of food in the UK.

I've had the rare, the outlandish, the delicious, and the classics.
Would you like to see some?

These are a candy.
They taste just like those orange Circus Peanuts candy you get in the USA.

I liked these until I read the back of the package...

Listed, in English, right there.
I cannot, in good conscience, eat candy with beef in it.

I do understand this ingredient comes in many other foods,
just for the love of Pete, 
leave out the animal name the gelatine is sourced from.

Here if you want a double scoop of ice cream this is the cone you get.
Cool, huh?
This is the fabulous Cullen Ice Cream Shop coffee flavour eaten at the lovely Cullen Beach.

OH. MY. Lanta.
These are it.
8 for £1 in the grocery store.

This is the partial telling of the story of 
"Good grief my jeans shrunk!"

Cheese salad.
Cheese, mayo, onions....this was actually really good. 
I ate this whilst in the hospital getting ready to have a baby.

Eaton Mess Sundae
Crushed meringues.
Fresh berries.
Whipped cream (like NOT Cool-Whip)
Berry ice cream.

What's not to love in this?!

Baxter's pancakes part 1.
What would be a Campbell's Soup factory/shop/restaurant equivalent is Baxters.
They make these giant pancakes and then you can have scoops of ice cream and toffee sauce to go with them.
A perfect treat for having a coffee with a friend!

And I say "coffee" loosely.
I use the coffee to colour my milk, sugar, and caramel syrup.

Another hospital treat.
This is macaroni and cheese, slivered neeps (turnips) and carrots, and boiled tatties (potatoes).
It was good, although the mac and cheese here is not anything like American mac and cheese.

This is juice with GLITTER in it.
I can't even...
Do you even know how perfect this is for me?
Glitter is my favourite colour.

My breakfast each morning.
The jam is from the aforementioned Baxters.
It is SO, so, so, so, so good. 
The bread is all mine because it has seeds in it, which my children find abhorrent.
This loaf happens to be the mini-version 
which I think is the cutest thing since sliced mini bread.

Also, please don't be casting a covetous eye on my rose-themed toaster.
Thanks in advance.

Haggis, neeps, and tatties.
A Scottish staple.

This is another Scottish staple:
Ice cream and jelly (Jell-O).

This may well be the greatest culinary masterpiece available in Scotland.
And this no doubt is THE greatest culinary masterpiece using DATES.

This is Sticky Toffee Pudding.
Toffee is basically carmel, 
pudding just means a moist cake dessert,
 and dripping with all that carmel it IS sticky.

This is a documented rare time of when Mark Anderson ordered a salad at a meal...
I'd explain what it is, but he can't remember even taking the picture.

OH and these.
These, these, these.
The best way to describe them is: oatmeal candy.
I changed my mind,
THIS may well be the greatest culinary masterpiece available in Scotland.

Scotch broth.
It's full of lentils and barley, neeps, tatties, and warm goodness.
It's also just called "broth" here.

This Balta mišrainė is something our sweet neighbour, Nerringa made for us.
She's from Lithuania and this white salad she made is is amazing.
It's comprised of finely chopped peppers, cucumbers, crab, and corn tossed with rice, dill, and mayo--it sings.

I wish Nerringa would live in our house and make this every week.
I also have wished for a laundry fairy, but have had no progress on that one yet.

This is what a cup of coffee looks like in a coffee shop. 
If people are sitting in, by and large they prefer a glass cup to enjoy their hot drink from.

This was the super yummy eggs benedict I had in Edinburgh.
I felt posh to eat this lovely breakfast.
And as a rule I NEVER feel posh eating breakfast.

THIS is the Mexican food of the UK.
Wait, no it's not, 
but it to the UK is what Mexican food is to the US-- capisce?

This is Indian food; 
a curry;
a STAPLE in the UK if you're getting a take away.

Bottom right going clockwise we have:
naan bread (puffy flat bread from unleavened flour)
saffron pilau rice (beautiful spiced rice)
vegetable pakora (veggies battered and fried)
chicken pakora (chicken battered and fried)
beef jalfrezi (beef in a spicy tomato sauce)
and chicken korma (chicken in a sweet, creamy, coconut sauce)
the little cups have chutney (a spicy onion-y relish)

Mr. Anderson and I love this and our kids despise it.
So we only get it on those days we want to hear great wails and crying, gnashing of teeth, and long speeches about the unfairness of the planet.

Drooling yet?
Stay tuned, parts 2 and 3 will be up soon! 

Please understand this is a compilation of photos from the past 2 ½ years. 
Dave Ramsey told us we can only eat out twice a week--
he would.

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