Saturday, 15 August 2015

Foodie: UK Style Part 3

I just found this post buried in my drafts unedited, undone, un-posted.
This is much the way I process my laundry.

We lived in Scotland for 2 years and I took pictures of a lot of the different things we ate while there.
It is highly important to note that this and the previous posts are an accumulation of the past 730 days of meals.
Wow, sure hope I did that math right. 
If not, I'll go ahead and offer an explanation: 
my ACT math score was lower than the legal US driving age.
Don't judge me. 
I just bared my soul to you.

Follow the links to see Part 1 and Part 2;
but without further delay I present to you the final of Foodie: UK Style, Part 3.

Here we have a lovely plate of scallops and some kind of salad.
This was on the island of Orkney where we took our 10th anniversary trip.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Holiday Bible Camp

A million years later I finish our series on ALL we did in our last 2 weeks in Scotland.
I'm sorry, guys, OK? I'm sorry. 
But the History Channel isn't going to watch itself after the kids are in bed, you know.

Our last few days in Scotland were filled with Holiday Bible Camp. This is our version of church camp for the Scottish high schoolers. 
We had a great group of high schoolers who met weekly in our home the past year and a half whom we studied the Bible with, had cookie-making parties with, and ingested copious amounts of Kool-Aid with. We love those guys.

Each summer there is the Holiday Bible Club, which is a great outreach to primary (elementary) age children. Holiday Bible Camp is a direct result of wanting to give our high schoolers something as well.

This summer we had a super awesome thing called 2 groups of American high schoolers raised support to come and not only help with Holiday Bible Club but then attend Holiday Bible Camp WITH our Scottish students! 
We had so much fun.

Meet our teams:
Our Floridians, Kaylin, Mickenzie, and Danielle.
They also came with Christie and Pam, 
but do you think I got a picture of those lovely ladies?
Sorry, I've got issues.