Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Holiday Bible Camp

A million years later I finish our series on ALL we did in our last 2 weeks in Scotland.
I'm sorry, guys, OK? I'm sorry. 
But the History Channel isn't going to watch itself after the kids are in bed, you know.

Our last few days in Scotland were filled with Holiday Bible Camp. This is our version of church camp for the Scottish high schoolers. 
We had a great group of high schoolers who met weekly in our home the past year and a half whom we studied the Bible with, had cookie-making parties with, and ingested copious amounts of Kool-Aid with. We love those guys.

Each summer there is the Holiday Bible Club, which is a great outreach to primary (elementary) age children. Holiday Bible Camp is a direct result of wanting to give our high schoolers something as well.

This summer we had a super awesome thing called 2 groups of American high schoolers raised support to come and not only help with Holiday Bible Club but then attend Holiday Bible Camp WITH our Scottish students! 
We had so much fun.

Meet our teams:
Our Floridians, Kaylin, Mickenzie, and Danielle.
They also came with Christie and Pam, 
but do you think I got a picture of those lovely ladies?
Sorry, I've got issues.

Our Missouri team:
Taylor, Jonathan, Isaac, Bill, Chloe, Kara, and Saundra.

A good portion of our American and Scottish kids cramming themselves onto one blanket.
They were all BFF's by the end of the week. 

Another one of the lovely Kara at Loch Ness.

Because of difficulties in obtaining a venue for camp we actually stayed in town at the church and based our events from there.
The first night we simply packed up down to the beach for campfire.
Here's where I make excuses for the quality of photography:
Anderson took the picture.

Willie was our resident wilderness/campfire/exploring expert.
It's fun to have a campfire, but darn if it just never gets dark in Buckie in the summer.

But the ever-present daylight wasn't a deterrent.
Kara gave an amazing devotion that evening.

Anderson, in redemptive fashion, took this photo as well.

Kaitlen and Aliyah, doing a forced posed, but still looking sweet!

We had a BBQ at the beach one evening.

It was fun and games.
Aliyah, Evan, Marcus, Mickenzie, Hannah, and Victoria.

Bill and Airdrie have a heart to heart.
I believe this one was about a Pringle.

Shout it from the hills, let's get this to go viral...
Willie is smiling for a photo.
He does NOT do this as a rule, so this is a one-in-a-million shot.

Kara, Airdrie, and Chloe hanging out.

We had a fun time down there.

Ok and we did more than just this BBQ, 
but when you're running a camp you're not thinking about taking pictures at all.

So just enjoy these pictures...

And go ahead and imagine the pictures I would've taken the other two days.

Imagine them as properly exposed, of expert composition, and trendy with lots of fun bokah.
Thanks in advance, y'all. 
You're too kind.

These kids are eating salad at a BBQ! What?!
It's all good, though,
That salad's a caesar one, covered in dressing.

Roasting marshmallows!
Do you know what Caedmon called marshmallows as a baby?
And as ridiculous as that sounds 
do you think the Anderson family as a collective still calls them that?
Heck yes.

Let's also take the time to acknowledge that my children are LETHAL with roasting sticks.
Hand any one of my kids a long sharp stick that has a red hot tip
smothered with molten marshmallow and wonder,
"What could possibly go wrong?!"

And then Hannah found a starfish on the beach!
How cool is that?!

And I'm including this picture, HanBan,
 even though you were avoiding me b
ecause I think you're lovely with a starfish on your hand.
Love this girl!

Ok, so I did manage to take a few photos of our final day!
See Liam in the back there?
Hi Liam!
He's been featured on the blog several times,
he's our favorite pipe band drummer!

We did a fun game of stocking face tug-o-war.

We loved a good 'ol forced selfie!

We love 'em a lot.

Closing prayer circle;
God was so good to us those few days!
It's our prayer that the relationships built will be effective in spurring one another on to a deeper relationship with Jesus!

And for the record;
I think I'm still young and all...
until I hang out for several days with high schoolers.

Then I'm like, 
never mind, 
I'm in my thirties.

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