Saturday, 15 August 2015

Foodie: UK Style Part 3

I just found this post buried in my drafts unedited, undone, un-posted.
This is much the way I process my laundry.

We lived in Scotland for 2 years and I took pictures of a lot of the different things we ate while there.
It is highly important to note that this and the previous posts are an accumulation of the past 730 days of meals.
Wow, sure hope I did that math right. 
If not, I'll go ahead and offer an explanation: 
my ACT math score was lower than the legal US driving age.
Don't judge me. 
I just bared my soul to you.

Follow the links to see Part 1 and Part 2;
but without further delay I present to you the final of Foodie: UK Style, Part 3.

Here we have a lovely plate of scallops and some kind of salad.
This was on the island of Orkney where we took our 10th anniversary trip.

To accompany our meal we had this course of 
fried Orkney cheddar cheese with a beet root chutney.
It was lovely.
It was gourmet,
It was just like Sonic's.

Fried cheese is fried cheese, yo.

This is a piece of pizza from our favorite takeaway.
There are jalapeños, donner meat (think Arby's roast beef), and corn.

I can't speak for everyone, but anyone we've ever talked to who prepares the pizzas we order are shocked that Americans indeed do NOT eat corn on their pizzas.
Even Pizza Hut has propaganda that labels an American style pizza as having sweet corn on it.

This is a Scottish breakfast we had in Edinburgh.
Eggs (not usually scrambled), haggis, bacon (think Canadian bacon style), a grilled tomato, potato (again, not usually in hash brown form), and a sausage.

And I use the term "we" loosely:
as in Mark and the kids eat this.
I had a lovely eggs Benedict that day.

Not a food we ate, but photo worthy none-the-less.
These doughnuts are SAVORY.
I just...can't.

But it's ok because if you're from Scotland and you hear that Americans eat doughnuts for breakfast your feelings are much the same.

Vegetable pekora.
Indian deep fried veggies with a side of chips (fries).

Exhibit A: why my trousers don't fit

For my birthday last summer this was my treat.
OH my OH my.

Pizza Hut in Inverness
Again I think because I've loaded it with veggies 
it cancels out the cheese-y goodness covering said vegetables.

American pop including ROOT BEER 
Root beer became a comfort food for me in Scotland because it's an import only.

M&M's; peanut butter and mint flavor
The pop and candy were from an American candy store in Inverness where they import American food items and sell them for the cost of the airfare over.

Oh and I thought I'd include some UK baby food in the mix.

I have no idea what Grandpa's Sunday Lunch is exactly, 
because if you'd ask me about one grandfather it would be: 
hamburger and beans, grandma's homemade mac and cheese, and fried potatoes.

The other grandpa would be: 
smoked brisket, Dr. Pepper, and some brown rim Blue Bell Ice Cream 

(side note: Blue Bell Come BAAAAAACKKKKK!!!!)

Here's another selection I photographed over a year ago.
Airdrie should have taste buds acclimated to just about anything after this exotic taste experience.
Note: I never did find a baby food in the UK solely containing vegetables.

These are crisps in the UK, which are chips in the US.
Walkers are obviously Lays but the flavors are wildly different.
I still have yet to find out what the raccoon has to do with ranch, 
but these did not taste anything like the ranch flavor we Americans have.

This is a coffee date with my biggest girl.
Small cafes are prevalent in Scotland and this one, 
Bijou's By the Sea, 
is one of our favorites for the sea view.

I ordered a latte and Nessie ordered chocolate cake a pot of tea
 (note: her own pot to pour from--
this is the common way to serve tea at cafes 
and is the sole reason my child orders tea).

This is called Husband of the Year award.
When I had a rough week
he brought home the best thing ever:
a smiling happy daddy to take the children until bed time.

Oh and also he brought a pretty bouquet, a Coke, and chocolate.
He wins.

This is an Easter egg.
In Scotland you collect a million and four GIANT chocolate eggs prior to Easter.
You then eat them on and after Easter.
While we didn't follow this tradition 
because we hardly ever have chocolate in our house, and when we do, it's gone man, just gone
we loved seeing the big and elaborate eggs all over.

Y'all may have seen this before, but I'll show it again.
This is the food from a fellowship dinner after church.
Starting with the mashed potatoes and working your way clockwise we have:
mashed potatoes and gravy,
mashed neeps (turnips) and carrots,
a Yorkshire pudding (like a popover).
cheesy cauliflower,
roast beef and gravy,
cooked cabbage.

These are the star vegetables of Scotland.

Desserts at a church fellowship dinner.
Mine is glaringly absent the cream dousing everything.

A cone of hot chips (fries).
They're deliciously doused in vinegar and salt.

Duona su česnaku
Yeah I copied that from google.
It's Lithuanian and it's the name of this amazing dark bread 
sliced and toasted with fresh garlic.
Our neighbor made this for us at Christmas time and we happily ate. it. up.

This is an afternoon snack I had. 
Carmel latte, 
an iced cake,
 and a lovely Autumn table scape.
If y'all follow us on Instagram I posted this a while back, 
but it didn't tell the whole story, 
so I thought I'd share with y'all:

Repeated attempts at the photo because 
my then 3 year old thought a hand photobomb would be hilarious.

And THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is the full story.
THIS is what was going on inches away from my "perfectly posed photo."
This illustrates perfectly the concept of:
"Don't compare your behind the scenes to everyone else's highlight reel."

I don't think y'all will ever look at my photos again without wondering what's behind the lens. 
Hmmmm, I think I'll go ahead and do that when the occasion warrants just to show y'all the real stuff.
Because it's hilarious and also proves...

I've got this whole cropping thing figured out.


  1. I love that behind the scene photo. Makes me feel right at home. lol

  2. Maybe the chips taste like raccoon instead of ranch?! Jillyb