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Mark Anderson was born and raised in Wyoming. Gifted in music, Mark had a show as a performing artist with his brothers in Branson. He attended college in Wyoming majoring in animal husbandry and is currently obtaining a degree in ministry leadership with Dallas Christian College. In 2004 he married Jordan (Middleton). She is an active part of his ministry with her artistic talents and gifts in teaching and leading children in praise and worship. They have 4 young children whom Jordan stays home with, Caedmon, Caithness, Aberdeen, and Airdrie.
For 7 years Mark had been the minister of youth and worship at Cabool Christian Church in Missouri. Together Mark and Jordan have written and directed a large scale passion play, been involved in an equestrian camp to reach teens in need, directed church camps, led worship in diverse settings, developed and overseen summer children’s programs, directed and produced children’s musicals and managed all aspects of graphic design and media within the church. Mark has been trained in implementation and facilitation of small groups within the church, meeting with great success in fulfilment of the Acts 2 model of the church. 
In early 2012 Mark’s desire to see others firmly grasp the truth of Scripture motivated him to shift his focus in ministry from youth and worship to teaching and preaching. This shift has led to the calling to overseas mission ministry in Buckie, Scotland to fulfill the Great Commission in making disciples that are committed to following Christ, committed to being changed by Christ, and committed to the mission of Christ.

THAT'S our official biography, here's the unofficial:
I'm Jordan, the wife of an amazing man, Mark. We've been married over 10 years and have four kids: Caedmon, Caithness, Aberdeen, and Airdrie. Yes, we named them Scottish place names, no we didn't know we would one day live in Scotland (awkward).
We are missionaries to Buckie, Scotland and are loving this adventure God has called us to. 
I love anything involving creativity and art. Except abstract art, that's strange. 
We are sinners in need of a Saviour. It is by faith, not by sight that we live our lives.

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