Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Caedmon's 8th Birthday

Let me start off by saying there is NO way this picture was taken 8 years ago...

NO way. 
Because that's my baby boy and doesn't he still look like this?! 

It makes me want to curl up in a ball and cry a bit because time is passing so very swiftly.
I know, I know go ahead and ask me at about 2 a.m. and I may sing a different tune--such is the nature of motherhood.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Fellowship in Scotland

Fellowship dinner, potluck, linger-longer...they're all very similar and if you've ever attended church you've probably been to one.

Mark and I have been in church for all of our lives (a total of 71 years--don't you dare do the math) so we've been to quite a few.

Some dinners are laden with "salads" that have more calories than a steak dinner.
Some are teeming with desserts,
and then you have the yay-hoo who brings a butterscotch pie with RAISINS in it (shudder).

Yay-hoo, if you're reading: sorry to cause offence, 
I'm sure you accidentally bumped the raisin box and they all fell into that perfectly good pie.

In short, all fellowship dinners are different. Throw in a different country and a different culture and there's an entirely new dimension.

Today we're going to visit a fellowship dinner in Scotland--
with nary a broccoli salad in sight.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Airdrie's 1st Birthday

Let me tell you about a miracle that took place last month:
Airdrie Abileen Anderson turned one year old. 

The baby, who at 20 weeks gestation was found to have a brain deformity causing a heartless perinatologist to say, "Something is really wrong with this child", celebrated one year of living, loving, and thriving. 

God is good, indeed. 

So it is with profound joy that I can share with you the details of our precious baby's first birthday. If you've been along on this journey with us for the past 18 months, weeping, praying, and rejoicing with us, thank you. 
Enjoy this glimpse into the celebration of our God's great love and mercy.