Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Caedmon's 8th Birthday

Let me start off by saying there is NO way this picture was taken 8 years ago...

NO way. 
Because that's my baby boy and doesn't he still look like this?! 

It makes me want to curl up in a ball and cry a bit because time is passing so very swiftly.
I know, I know go ahead and ask me at about 2 a.m. and I may sing a different tune--such is the nature of motherhood.

What I'm trying to say is that my sweet boy turned 8 last month and I remember it as a few days ago I was lying in agony giving birth--asking politely if someone would please take me in for a c-section, or for the love of pete gimme a children's Tylenol or something....

Ahh childbirth, I'm not saying my momma was fibbing, alls I'm saying is I haven't quite got to the "it's a pain you forget" part.

Wow, that intro went awry.
Excuse me, this is actually about a party.
A party for the coolest, kindest, and most genuine Jesus-loving little boy I know.

First we'll start with the cake, made by Mark and I, in the wee hours of the morning.

Caedmon was very specific in his cake needs.

Anything from the Hobbit.
Lord of the Rings.
About Sam and Frodo.
About Sam and Frodo and Gollum.
About Sam, Frodo, Gollum, and Mount Doom.
You know where this is going?

That's right, it ain't going nowhere. 
I was not attempting a volcano cake with a battle reenactment on it.

He ended up loving this.
He also loved that his daddy carved the Kit-Kat door for authenticity.
Mt. Doom, the cake, is tabled for 2015.

As with most things I create I did a Pinterest compilation copy.

Birthday day!
Table is decorated and we're ready for fun!

See? It's not Mount Doom, but he's cool with it.

(and let me go on record to say 
this child has never seen the Lord of the Rings Trilogy or prequels. 
One day, yes. 
At 8 years old, um no. 
All his knowledge has come from reading
 or his father and I recalling ginormous portions of the movies to him.
Props to whichever of us did the Mt. Doom scene--
the dynamic literary imagery won him over.)

Random Fact: The average lifespan of a balloon in the Anderson household is 11.2 hours.
This is because Mr. Anderson detests balloons.
They make lots of noise,
the kids run like madmen keeping them afloat,
and they're a choking hazard.

I'm with Mr. Grumpypants on the last one.

We then headed down to Aberdeen to meet our friends, the Sheets, at Codona's!
What is Codona's? 
Well it's a mini amusement park/game centre/mini golf place. 
Perfect for 8 year old boys...

And their fathers.
Please notice the father riding the caterpillar roller coaster.
Thank you.

The tea cups are fun until they make you want to unswallow.

Those dang tea cups twirl too fast.
Another great shot of Nessie's braid motionless in a live action photo.

There's a mini log ride. 

Or flume? 

I always called it "The Log Ride" at Six Flags.

If you're an amazing daddy you'll take both your young daughters on it with you 
despite the air temperature outdoors in Scotland in autumn.

On top of the Ferris Wheel you can see the North Sea with all the BIG rig support ships at anchor. 
With all the nearby offshore oil 
Aberdeen is the world's largest heliport.
You learn something new every day.
I had no idea "heliport" was a word.

Tough boys getting ready to tackle the "Vertigo Aerial Assault Course."

The boys, Ness, and Mark.

They have harnesses on which are connected to ropes, 
which are continually connected to the purple I-beams.

It didn't really matter, though...
Mark was highly, HIGHLY uncomfortable.

Ness zoomed through and he didn't appreciate the speed at those heights.

That and he's wearing LL Bean slip on duck boots/moccasins.
Great for rainy Scottish weather.
A horrible idea when doing an "Aerial Assault Course."
Thanks, babe, for taking one for the team.
Ain't no way or how momma's getting up on that monstrosity.

The boys went at pretty good speeds as well.

And if you only had the audio to go with this picture.

You could hear Anderson giving himself pep talks as he crossed this.

It really was high...

The pictures hardly do it justice.

What a superb way to wear kids out and let them burn off energy!

Here's a handy tip: get there when the bracelets go on ½ price.

Also, wishing for audio on this clip.
You'd hear Caithness screaming, "GET ME OFF OF THIS THING!!!"
Ahhh, that's my girl right there.

Afterwards we went to as close to a Mexican restaurant in Scotland as you can get. 
It was a nice treat.

 And there was cilantro in the salsa.
Cilantro in the salsa; you have won my heart.

But the restaurant didn't serve chips and salsa as an appetiser.
There were little bowls of popcorn in the chips and salsa place.
Little bowls of popcorn; you have my scorn.

I'll stop addressing the food now.

There's JR...

And his lovely wife Daisha.
They're our fun friends and the Peterhead Mission Scotland.

We like hanging out with all of them, 
great friends to celebrate our baby boy turning 8.

Please enjoy these next few photos,
and after looking at Caedmon blowing out his candles
make sure and check out the fellas on either side of him.

Happy Birthday Caedmon,
we love you so, so much.

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