Monday, 13 October 2014


LMK bae!

What the heck did I just say?
I promise you I spend half my time decoding this foreign language that is so common on social media.

I'll start with "LMK"
While I'm reading my super lightning fast mind goes ahead and fills in the blank for me:

Lick My Kat

Which we all know is ridiculous because cat is obviously spelled with a "c".

Friday, 3 October 2014

Cake Cakery

In addition to being chief cook and bottle washer, laundress, and general manager of the Anderson household I sometimes like to decorate cakes.

As I finished Caedmon's birthday cake tonight I was reminded of all the cakes I've made...and how much I hate washing frosting bags and tips.

It really started as an "I can SO do that." and then progressed into a thing called Jordan owns a Wilton cake decorating box jammed full of supplies. And then that's where it has stopped and happily has plateaued in that status unless it's October or April.

October and April happen to be the two months when our babies were born--2 and 2, it makes for lots of planning, budgeting, and saving for these birthday-heavy months. I don't claim to be great at the decorating, I just claim cake and frosting as some of my favourite foods.

I am what I am.
It is what it is.

So without further ado; a brief chronology and description of my cake-decorating journey the past 8 years.

Well this is out of order, but the cake I made tonight:
Caedmon's 8th birthday cake,
a Hobbit hole.