Friday, 10 March 2017

Unintentional Dumpster Diving

I have SO missed writing on this blog!
But when I have to tether my big computer to my phone to get 3G internet, because we live without wifi it's just a hassle, you know? 

But guess what? 
It's not a hassle tonight!
And that is because of the reason called "procrastination." 
Which is a fancy way of saying, "laundry swallowed my couch."

So after a few months hiatus 
(fancy way of saying the couch was identifiable because it wasn't Laundry Mountain), 
I have returned with a story that to this day makes me roll my eyes and cringe.

In Jr. High I think we’ve all made decisions we’ve regretted. Like the time I clamped my bangs in the curling iron and then curled them opposite direction ensuring I had bangs with a ridge at the ends all day long. 
I had no idea what I’d done wrong.