Friday, 15 April 2016

Photographing a River

My sisters both had babies within 6 weeks of one another in 2014. 
It was a great time for me: the time when I became a blood aunt.
Actually I don't call myself a blood aunt because that is terrifying.

Recently (ok last summer) I was able to take pictures of my niece, River. 
She's cute.
She's sassy,
She's a ginger.

Her full name is River Itasca so this means we call her: River, Riv, River Itasca, Tassy, Tass, Itasca-dera, Sassy Tassy, Sass-a-fras, Sassy Tassy Fras, Tass-a-fras,

Uhh, moving on...

At first glance the photo shoot appears to be going well.