Friday, 15 April 2016

Photographing a River

My sisters both had babies within 6 weeks of one another in 2014. 
It was a great time for me: the time when I became a blood aunt.
Actually I don't call myself a blood aunt because that is terrifying.

Recently (ok last summer) I was able to take pictures of my niece, River. 
She's cute.
She's sassy,
She's a ginger.

Her full name is River Itasca so this means we call her: River, Riv, River Itasca, Tassy, Tass, Itasca-dera, Sassy Tassy, Sass-a-fras, Sassy Tassy Fras, Tass-a-fras,

Uhh, moving on...

At first glance the photo shoot appears to be going well.

But then we notice a look of consternation on Tassy's face.

What ever could be the matter?
(Notice the object in the foreground for a hint)

That's right, Tassafras is not enjoying the feel of the grass on her legs.
She's a Minnesota girl, grass grows there for so short of a time period it's no wonder the baby is totally opposed to this flora.

Wait, can flora be non-flowering? 
All biologists discuss...

I'm not going to claim to be a great photographer.

Because I'm not.

But such a dang cute subject matter means sooner or later the baby wins even if the camera looses.

Those teeth...
Those neck rolls...
That nose....
Actually that's what some may say of me *gulp*

Blurry finger,
but sister with no makeup on is in perfect focus,
you're welcome salamander sister.

My sisters and I always say that if we're sans makeup that we look like salamanders.
Because wouldn't a amphibian look ridiculous in eyeliner?!

Seriously love those big eyes and dainty nose...

Riv is much like her father: highly expressive in the eyebrow department.
This girl wears her emotions on her brows.

Case in point:

Here are her parents, note Jason's eyebrows.

I'm thinking Tass has an aversion to nature.

Even though she does have a giraffe tongue...

So we took the baby dragon, I-tasca-dera inside grandma's house...

And NOW she's a happy girl.

No grass to touch her skin.

No tree bark to scratch her hands.

And plenty-o-back chubby wubby to squish into poses!

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