Monday, 1 August 2016

DIY Main Bathroom Remodel

Many moons ago my husband and I had a hobby called:
constantly remodelling our first home.

It was actually super, SUPER fun. We bought our first home (in the USA) in 2009 and set about remodeling it from it's sad state.

We only did this about once yearly at our house for one main reason called:
tax return.

We're currently doing it in our new home but I don't want to show you that yet. I only operate on Before and After picture vibes.
Right now I only have Before pictures and if I showed y'all those you'd live your lives in horrified remembrance that "Oh goodnight Moses, Mark and Jordan bought a house with TEAL carpet and gold trim EVERYTHING."

I can't stand for y'all to think that about us so I'm going to hold off on those photos.
Thanks for your cooperation.

I DO have before and after pictures of our home in Missouri so I can show you what we like to do.
Warning: Don't get y'alls hopes up; we're no Chip and Joanna Gaines....

Mark's way taller and I don't have a lick of those lovely Asian genetics in me.

Our first owned home; such fun to landscape, decorate and redo.

See the creeper drinking coffee in the window watching me take pictures?

"Excuse me, Mr. Anderson? 
I'm gonna have to ask you to set the mug down and back away from the windows. 
We've got a for reals photo shoot going on here and you're cramping my style."
But I didn't say it

The house didn't always look like this...

This is the gem we bought.
PVC pipe handrail, wood paneling, and woodsmoke damaged ceilings.

No offence to all y'all with pipe handrails, paneling, or smoke leaking from your wood-burning stove.
Just ain't my thing.

It was a fun 3 year project for us.

And we'd do it again in a heartbeat!
That was dumb to say, we ARE doing it again.

But when we bought the house there was major work to do.

The main bathroom was....
how can I put this?


From the "strawberries and cream" countertop
Which, let's be honest, the color name should've been "bloody murder in the main bathroom"

To the mould growing on the everything.
Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew.

To the fancy plywood shelves.

It was lacking.

Not even the artificial daises in the the built in flower planter could help this.

So we primed it all...

And did a temp-fix with white paint.
To the burn pile with the flora impostors!

It was not a favorite, but it worked for us until the bathroom came up in the queue of rooms to redo as we had time and money.
Time ain't never really been the issue.

Still, looking at that linoleum makes me shudder.
So many months of savings later...

we dreamed up and made it into this!

We're still on a tight budget, so some paneling stayed in place becoming a psuedo-plank wall.
We left those plywood shelves and just made them tidy with some trim.

We tore out the boxed sink cabinet and vanity.
I dreamed up and drew a plan and had my minion,
I mean husband,
build it.
We choose to make our own countertop to be cost efficient. 

I made a Pinterest-inspired shower curtain from a bed sheet.

Marshalls had some nice (read: on clearance) 
mirrors we painted black.

And that lovely tile floor was from a flooring close-out center.

We spent around $1,000 all said and done on this and it was a worth-while investment from the resale value of our home!

And for the love of Pete if you ask me if the portion of the tile floor Mark allowed me to lay wobbled a teensy bit and maybe had come cracked grout, I'll just direct you to the lovely rolled towels.

Rolled towels make everything fancier.

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