Friday, 15 May 2015

One and Ten Years

Eleven years ago today THIS EVENT HAPPENED.

So naturally I got to reminiscing 
    (yeah, I totally had to use spell check for that word)
And usually when I reminisce 
    (didn't use spell check on that one--BOOM)
I go straight to my iPhoto albums.

Enjoy the previous 11 years:

2003, an engagement photo shoot in Cheyenne, WY.
This has actually never happened in all our married lives, 
so I'm not sure why I hogtied him for the picture.

Ok, I understand the implications of this. 
The now-I've-got-him-he-can't-escape-the-shackles-of-marriage...
blah, blah, blah...
But I submit to you Mr. Anderson here is quite of opposite mind of this.

So what I'm trying to say is:
He LIKES being married to me dang it, and he'd better not forget it!

And then several months later in 2004,
 because we don't believe in long engagements, we were married!
This is right after we soaked up a week of sun in Ixtapa for our honeymoon.
I could go for a good sun-soaking just about now...

2005 our first anniversary.
We headed downtown St. Louis to eat on The Hill (Italian section of town), 
stay in a hotel downtown, and go to the science centre.

You heard me:
The. Science. Centre.
Nerd alert.

2006 3 married years later
I'm pregnant with Caedmon here.

2007 hanging out in Scotland near the Isle of Skye

2008 5 years of marriage
and I'm pregnant with Iain here.

2009 I'm pregnant with Caithness here

Man, I'm pregnant a lot.

2011 Eight years 

Taken on our anniversary,
and I discovered a new love you shall see in the photos henceforth: 
red lipstick

For an anniversary gift we flew from Houston to Rockport. Texas to have lunch at the marina.

Turns out Mark Anderson can fly a plane really, really well.
Turns out when I attempt to fly a plane it feels like a roller coaster ride.

*pregnant here

I remember this like it was just last year...

Technically this wasn't taken even close to our anniversary (as my husband is elk hunting here)
But it's us, and let's be real;
we forget to take a lot of pictures of just us

and the angle makes my face look thinner.

Turns out 11 years with this man is just too short.
We're best friends.

Here's to a lifetime of loving him, Happy Anniversary!


  1. Congratulations! And girl, I love reading your blog.Happy Anniversary!

  2. I love these blogs ❤️ You crack me up 😆

    1. I love writing them! Thanks for letting me know:)