Friday, 1 May 2015

Easter-ing We Will Go

So recently we celebrated Easter here.
I mean, I know all y'all did.
But I don't know about how you celebrated it, so this will be a post about our celebration.

Thank you for your understanding.

First off, let me just acknowledge that our 18 month old singlehandedly did this in our school room.

She takes great delight in grabbing what she can and flinging it over her shoulder.
The crayon bucket is her special place that makes her happy.
This does not evoke such feelings in me.

We dyed eggs to begin our Easter season festivities.
All eggs you buy here are brown. 
Brown, brown, brown, brown, brown.

So we used a lovely dye kit from a German company for those awesome metallic eggs.
The other eggs are those fake ones my momma sent us from Wal-Mart.
They're white, but they don't take to the dye.

Dye eggs, DYE!

Oh yes I did.

I found some rare plastic eggs to incorporate in with our dyed ones.

How fun is it that we somehow don't have Easter baskets here?

I had a great idea to have my husband quickly put together 
the cute brown paper bag baskets (as seen on Pinterest).
He started at midnight and made one in an hour then decided that x's 5 wasn't happening.

The bright side is an Easter plate makes avoiding jelly beans and finding the chocolate easier.

Happy Resurrection Day!
We had hot cross buns for breakfast.
They're popular here around Easter.

I had an unexplainable urge to get my hands on a brown plastic recorder...

What a lovely tableau for our table Easter morning...

Especially the GIANT Thornton's chocolate egg.

Giant chocolate eggs are a UK tradition.
Typically they're given to people before and all the way up to Easter.
You're supposed to save them then eat them on Easter.

However, x's 4 kids that's a LOT of chocolate at one setting.
So we nibbled on eggs as a family off and on for several weeks 
and to this very day still have 3 giant Cadbury eggs living in our kitchen.

Happy kids on Easter morn!

Happy delusional momma trying to use manual focus all the time.

I love these kids.

They were happy with all the sugar provided them.

It was a fun morning.

On the way to church we attempted some photos.

This was like trying to take pictures of 3 small children and 1 feral cat.

It was a nice challenge to my photographer wanna be skills...
and to my wits as a mother.

4 faces, for the most part, smiling.
That's us, DONE!

Except I'm a glutton for punishment....

Let's try one more pose...

With no goofy faces,

Or eyes closed...
never mind.

The daffodils around here are nuts, they're everywhere!

My girls love to pick them.

And give them to me,

The sun was really bright that day
thwarting all attempts at portraits.

After church daddy decided to set up my big camera and take a family photo.

He took several practice shots.

Once getting things into focus,

He then had to calm down the renegade runaways...

Precious lambs that my children are.

He got them into shape...

Which means there was dissension among the ranks.

Except look at the one child who's remained mostly motionless this entire time...

I think I'll let y'all guess who our compliant child is.

Then, QUICK, have me come in from finishing up Easter dinner
and sit for a posed family photo.

Where momma looks concerned about the tripod 
haphazardly stacked on the school desks, a stool and a chair...
and daddy is DONE with setting up a photo shoot.

And then a first for us was going to a birthday party on Easter.

We had lots of fun. 
My friend Sarah and her husband hosted a great party!

Complete with an egg hunt.

And plethora of children.

Our Happy Easter,
Christ has risen indeed!