Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Calf-roping, Aisle 4

Well our lives have been a teensy bit crazy lately.
So I wanted to just do a short little "here's what we've been doing" in a few photos.

As per usual, I blog when there are other pressing things to do. Today's avoidance is called: grocery shopping. 

I used to love to grocery shop, because shopping is shopping, yo. 
But since plastic bags have become currency here (they charge 5p per bag at ALL stores) that adds significant time onto my weekly trip, and I have to remember to bring bags along with me.

So yes, in procrastinating I'm hoping in the next 20 minutes it takes me to write this that 
- the government will reverse it's law to charge for cheap-y plastic bags, 
- there will be grocery-packing-leprechauns at the end of every lane
- Lidl's (grocery store like Aldi) will stop checking out your entire purchase in 5 milliseconds making you fumble for your wallet and hurriedly repacking your [unsacked] groceries whilst the rest of the lane stares at you.

This is like some kind of hideous and twisted calf-roping event to me: 
The great check out challenge, where I attempt to reload my cart and pay in record time.
I feel like I should be applauded when I shove my wallet back in to my purse, 
snatch the receipt, and pitch the last of the groceries in the cart.

"Ladies and gentleman, we have a NeeeeeeW record! 
We were unsure at the beginning as she had the minor fumble re-stacking the 3 dozen eggs purchased,
but she recovered by flinging the non-bruising onions into the cart."

"Yes Donny, Mrs. Anderson may have a new record 
but if we look at the stats we'll see this is one of her lower scores;
she's gotten one loaf of bread squished, every single dang tortilla chip smashed, 
and all the frozen items scattered throughout the cart. 
She's going to get docked major points on those."

Ok, so it's obvious I have issues with grocery shopping.
And yes, I do have these conversations in my head.

Mark's grandma was hospitalised earlier this month. 
He was able to FaceTime with her and play the fiddle for her on her birthday. 
It was precious.

My baby girl smiles like this and it is DANG cute y'all.

Mark's grandma at her party along with Mark's cousins Linda and Russ.
This is a sweet picture, and it's my mother in laws...

But I did happen to notice something...

happening with cousin Jill in the background....

If you're a mom of a small child, you know what's going on because you do this multiple times a day.

I found a a bazillion and four pictures like this on my big camera.
This is called Mark trying to do a tilt-shift technique with my 50mm lens.
Keep trying babe.

Nessie was playing with all the Schleich farm animals, doing impressive things.

If only she took this much time and careful attention in her handwriting...

Baby girl loves to stick her tongue out, but this is as far as it can go.
We're meeting with a paediatric surgeon next month to see about her still very pronounced tongue-tie.

When we're in a hurry a family-sized gyro is what's for dinner.

Let's see what's happening at the grocery store.
I'll let y'all know of any miracles or commentators hanging out around me.

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