Saturday, 23 May 2015

Comparison: what I'd do in my free time, if I had any

I have four children. 
I don't have free time.

But I sneakily take time from important tasks to pretend like I've got free time.
This is including but not limited to:
- laundry
- washing dishes
- grading papers
- mending (I know it's 2015 and this is like so 50 years ago and SO Cinderella, but it's true)
- the tapestries
- and the draperies

and oh yes, one more thing:

- bathing

I'm not proud of it, but I can place the last item well down on the list if the need to procrastinate arises.

So I thought I'd pretend like I had free time and imagine what I do with it:
I'd compare pictures of my children all at the same age.

So I did it tonight.
(Laundry, get thee behind me.)

April 2015 
Caedmon is 8
and he's eating candy money.

I'm sure there's a good analogy or hidden meaning here.

Caithness is 6.
Aberdeen is 4.
Airdrie is 18 months.

Let's see how they all looked at these stages....

Nessie at 6 compared to....

Caedmon at 6.
Aww, he's such a big boy cowboy!

Aberdeen at 4 compared to....

Nessie at 4 compared to...

Caedmon at 4.

I love 4 year olds. 
They're big enough to comprehend things and are finally beyond the 2 year old stage.
Also, they'll take their younger siblings diapers to the trash can for me without any lip.
And THAT is gold, baby.

Airdrie at 18 months.

LOOK, she pulled herself up there!!!

Aberdeen at 18 months
We lived in Texas then. 
So babies are allowed at the beach in October without me looking like a horrible mother.

Ness at 18 months...

Crinkle nose smile.
I die.

Caedmon at 18 months.
Yes, I dressed my child like that.
Yes, my grandma still uses those wooden plant stands with variegated ivy climbing all over.

Time: stand still! 
My babies are growing up too fast!

And I need to tackle laundry.


  1. Right now I'm procrastinating on sleep. We can sleep when they are all grown, right? Maybe. ;)