Monday, 13 October 2014


LMK bae!

What the heck did I just say?
I promise you I spend half my time decoding this foreign language that is so common on social media.

I'll start with "LMK"
While I'm reading my super lightning fast mind goes ahead and fills in the blank for me:

Lick My Kat

Which we all know is ridiculous because cat is obviously spelled with a "c".

Like My Koala comes to mind next but I know that not all of us are Aussies. Heck, not all Aussies own koalas.
Look Ma, Karate! is next but also a no-go because of all the essential punctuation.

I have no idea what to make of this acronym.
I'm gonna go ahead and stick with my mind and the kat scenario.

I can't understand you people. 
Do you know how long it takes me to read something that has the following "ootd", "widn", "tbt", "mcm", "dm", "lmk", and BAE?
A looong time, folk. A very long time.
I'm __ years old, I ain't got enough years left to decipher that.

So moving right along... to "bae"
What in tarnation? I mean I can't,
I don't...

How is this pronouced?
Is it "BAY" because that's what my trusty rusty mind is telling me.
And if it is pronounced BAY then why on earth is it spelled with an "E"?
Is this a shortened version of "baby"?
Why is everyone calling everyone baby?

What about "boo" wasn't that a popular term? 
Granted I never used it, I tried the "how's it hanging in the hood; what up homie G?" and it just never rolled off the tongue of this white girl from Colorado quite right.

Wait, is 'bae' a version of "babe"?
How then do you enunciate it?
Do you just kinda go all lazy, sloppy mouth and drop the remaining 'b'?

Most importantly, though:
Why am I up at nearly 1AM pondering these things?

We are indeed skeptical as to the validity of these acronyms and "words."

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