Thursday, 4 December 2014

18 with 21 years Experience

Let me tell you a story I love...

A long time ago in Wyoming a little boy was born.
He was the very first baby to a man and his wife and they loved him so.

This little boy grew up on a ranch.
And while this is probably the only time in his life he willingly touched a cat,
he grew up with and enjoyed all kinds of animals.

The little boy was a sweet boy,
loving and kind...

He was a cowboy from the very start.
Ponies and country life run deep in within him.

He has always been a football player.
Even when the emptied toy box became a submarine or spaceship.

He's a gifted musician--wow, can that boy play the fiddle!
Although, music? He can't read a note.

He grew and along came a brother.
And another brother, and another, and another, and a sister!

And then one more brother was added to the family!
Whew! What a great family our little boy had.

He still played the fiddle.
And he had very nice arms, very, very nice...umm moving along.

Then the boy decided to grow facial hair.
He was growing into a man.

He was still a cowboy.
A REALLY nice looking cowboy (far left for those who can't see a good thing when it is right in front of their face).

But he also became a singer and performer in Branson!
There was a time where he erred in judgement as he regrets the clean shaven look.

One day (October 27, 2002) he met a girl in Texas.
This photo was taken the very day they met.

And he liked it so he put a ring on it.
And she tied him up, well for engagement pictures anyhow.

On May 15, 2004 he gave her his last name!
He was 28 and she was 21.

She was a teacher and he ran dump trucks and front-end loaders and fun boy toys.
Until one day they knew God wanted them in full-time ministry.

They moved to a church that they loved.
And on October 4, 2006 along came their very first baby!

He was a precious baby boy.
He spent a lot of time at church and church camp (and he loved swimming with his daddy).

The family was a happy one.
There were some sad days, but they trusted Jesus and lived each day with faith in Him.

And then April 11, 2009 God blessed the family with a baby girl!
So much to be thankful for, God is truly good.

Always our cowboy loved to hunt.
And he began to take his little boy out and train him do the same.

Another baby girl soon joined the family.
And so on April 10, 2011 they became a family of 5!

Thinking you love a cowboy, then seeing him be a daddy...your love increases tenfold.
He is an amazing man; with a heart dedicated to his family and to the Lord.

And then on October 24, 2013 in grace and goodness God gave this cowboy one more little girl.
His family, now living in beautiful Scotland, was abundantly blessed.

We all love him so.
He's our very own, our cowboy, the leader of our family.

He's a teensy bit strange at times.
(Which is why we work well together--like perfectly)

He's kind, and generous, and funny.
And he loves Jesus with all of his heart.

And if you saw him in a kilt...

WOW, hubba, hubba!

Mark Allen Anderson!!!

We love you so very much<3

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