Monday, 27 July 2015

Sing by the Sea

Right after Holiday Bible Club in Scotland we invited all parents, participants, workers, and dogs to a fun event called Sing by the Sea.
Sing by the Sea is held the Sunday evening following Holiday Bible Club at Roseisle Beach. 
There are pine trees all around and the dunes have spread into the trees making for an almost ethereal,  Lord of the Rings type landscape.
I loved it.
I felt my inner Arwen come out.
Quick someone get me a bow and arrows.

In the UK these disposable foil BBQ pans are for grilling on the go.
We had approximately 324 grills going to feed everyone.

I am not ashamed to say I'm horrible at grilling;
a grill is unlearnable to me.
Then again, why should I learn?
My husband is the former head chef at Fall Creek Steakhouse in Branson, 
he's got things under control.*

Please ask me sometime to tell about when we were dating 
and he fed me a bite of raw steak.

So I took charge of exploring with the kids.
See the cauldron made by the dunes?
God makes the best playgrounds.

Come out of the cauldron to this magnificent view!
Caedmon is exulting in the wonderment of it all.

Then I thought it would be fun to take a picture of each of the kids' faces when they stumble out of the woods to the lovely sight.

Ness is impressed too.

Sibling picture.
We left Airdrie with her grandma back at the cook out site.
She's still of an age where wind in her face makes her not breathe.
And quite frankly, no one likes that feeling.

Our kids with Ellie and Neve.

A picture with my twin girl.
The wind out there was intense.

An impression of Arwen.
I realize I look nothing like Liv Tyler.
She'd never wear a Minnesota hoodie.

Back at the cook site.
The Pams (Florida Pam and my mom) and Airdrie enjoy the love seat camp chair.

Quite honestly I'm not sure who thought making a love seat camp chair would be a marketable idea...
"I wanna sit in a rickety camp chair, 
but when it collapses on me I want someone to be going down with me."

Performing some of the Holiday Bible Club songs for the parents.
Some children, 
are into it a bit more than others...
But I'm OK with it because he's singing about Jesus.

How fun!

Our high schoolers aren't afraid to do some kids song choreography.
They're awesome like that and one of the reasons we love them SO much!

Even the adults are into it!
Attention Mr. Anderson, you're about a measure behind in your choreography.

Kaylin, Mickenzie, and Danielle, our Florida girls 
with Hannah and Evan, our Scottish kids behind them.

I shall call this picture
'Bust a Move.'

Woo and I LOOOOOVE these ladies any day,
but even more when they're dancing!

Don't you wish you were there?

Some of our American and Scottish high schoolers all seated on one blanket.

After we sang Bill brought the word.
Word up, brotha.

I have no idea what I said
 and it's rather embarrassing to read.

I think I'll leave it.

What an amazing evening of fellowship!
Next year, should you find yourself in Scotland around the second weekend of July just pop on by.

Lord of the Rings impersonations welcomed.

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