Monday, 6 July 2015

HOW TO Series: How to Cut a Pancake

This is a new feature on the blog called, "HOW TO Series."
Which basically means Mr. Anderson had a great idea a while back and told me I should put it on Pinterest. 
I'm not trying to knock his idea, but I just wasn't feelin' it. Until he mentioned it repeatedly every time we had pancakes the past year and a half. 
So finally I relented and got my camera out to make a tutorial.

So, without further ado:
How to Cut a Pancake
In a multi-step tutorial with way more photos than you'd ever need for comprehension.

In learning how to cut a pancake, it is helpful to start with a pancake.
I prefer to use The Pioneer Woman's recipe for perfect pancakes but any 'ol griddle cake will suffice.

Step two:
Cut the pancake with a pizza cutter.
Now you may be saying, "Got it. No further photos needed."
But let's not be too hasty, I didn't get out my big camera for two measly photos.

Now, cut another strip in the pancake.

And another.

Now take a blurry photo of the pizza cutter approach.

Wanna know WHY this photo is blurry?
Because you're a wanna-be non-photographer, Jordan?
Nope (well, yes), 
but it's because Anderson, MID-photo tutorial, 
turns the plate around to make these cuts.

I about had a coronary.
You don't MOVE junk around when doing a photo tutorial!
Good grief.
He swivelled it back around and we continued (after a few words spoken betwixt the two of us).

Cut the pancake again into strips running PERPENDICULAR to the first set of strips.
No spell check on that one--boo yah!
Well, actually it's just phonetical.
So nevermind.

When what to my wondering eyes should appear but little bite-sized pancake squares!

Lest I loose your attention at yet another row-cutting photo 
it would be prudent for me to point something out:
This is a buttered pancake, it has not yet been slathered with syrup.

Whatever you do when cutting pancakes in this manner, for the love of Pete, 
do NOT syrup, THEN cut them.
This is an abomination.
An abomination I seem to commit EVERY time I use this method.
Anderson hates the roller to be sticky with syrup, almost as much as he hates sand at the beach.

And y'all, he really hates sand at the beach.

Finish cutting your rows THEN syrup that sucker up.
If you live in the UK you may have to use maple-flavoured ice cream syrup 
(Mrs. Butterworth need not ever know).

Then, with non-sticky pizza cutter in the background, grab yo'self a fork and commence to eatin'.

By this time Anderson is tired of the novelty of a photo tutorial and is quite hungry.
As evidenced by the fact that my shutter speed was not up to par with the speed of that piece o' pancake traveling to Anderson's mouth.

I hope you've all enjoyed this How To on pancake cutting. 
I hope it's revolutionised your life.

I know it has ours.
With four kids we used to spend a good portion of our lives on Saturday morning cutting pancakes for kids who can't saw through them with the side of their fork like any good American non-butter knife using person would do.
Now, pancake cutting time is a breeze, all because my husband had a great idea.

And for the love of Pete, if you do this too, don't tell Anderson!

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