Saturday, 18 July 2015

Highland Gaming

So I have been absent from social media, this blog, and most of my cognitive functions these past few weeks. This is all for good reason. 
1. my mom coming to Scotland 
Sorry I shouted that, but it's a real concern of mine. Because I don't want my mom to think we live the way that we live. She says she lived with me for 18 years, she already knows, but still, I like to do "fake house" for when she comes.
2. Holiday Bible Club all week long
Read: guys I love hanging out with the kids, but it leaves little time for anything else
3. Americans were visiting
The teams from Missouri and Florida were more fun than a barrel of monkeys to hang around. So yes, I choose real people over the virtual ones. Don't get me wrong though, I looovvveee our blog readers.
4. Holiday Bible Camp
Read: Planning a church camp takes a lot of work, and attention to detail. Hint: Jordan's not a detail person.
5. Moving a family of 6 over 5,000 miles away
Read: Help.

So may I please get an excused absence?
Thanks in advance.
Or "tia," like they say online nowadays. Which bothers me because I think people are going rogue speaking in Español at the end of their sentence....and then I never find out what they want to say about their dear auntie.

Saturday July 4th we took the American team to Forres to the highland games.
But first, a Pictish stone.
Also note that it was raining and cold.

Highland games have highland dance competitions.

We enjoyed a spot right next to the fence.

Miss Airdrie Bear thinking she's large and in-charge standing by herself.

Also, you should know the World's Best Doctor came over with the Missouri team.
He delivered Caedmon, Caitheness, and almost Aberdeen--we treasure him.
It was nice to get to know him as a person, if a bit intimidating 
because y'all he knows my weight.
Well, ok he said he doesn't remember all that stuff, (Yes I asked him!)
 But I'll revise:
He once knew my weight.

There are bagpipe bands at the games.
I always, forever more, well up in tears when hearing this.

Our favorite pipe band drummer, Liam, happened to be there.
He became friends with the American kids.
I became a creeper with a zoom lens.

There are hammer throwing contests at the games.

Pipers that make me giggle 
and let me realize I'd be way too self conscious of my chipmunk cheeks to be a piper.

There are messenger bike races.

There's Buckie's pipe band.

We may or may not have screamed at him like Beiber was marching beside him.

There are caber tosses at the games.

There are precious new friends at the games too!

Coming up next...
Holiday Bible Club!

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