Saturday, 21 September 2013

Our New Car!

The Anderson family is now the happy owners of a new car! 
We went to Elgin yesterday to pick it up while Caedmon was in school.

And while it may look like a minivan it's actually classified as a "people carrier." Ha!
Ours seats 7 and is a 6 speed, diesel and gets around 45 MPG.
We're feeling blessed by this and it's here none too soon with baby Anderson around 5 weeks from making her appearance.

The Anderson girls waiting for our new car to be delivered, we're excited!

Our car!

Tray tables, my favourite feature!

Mark likes the gear shift because it "feels like a truck."

Plenty of space in the boot for our double pram!
(translation: Plenty of space in the rear for our double stroller!)

All the seats swivel. Caedmon's favourite feature!

Plenty of space for our growing family--a blessing!

She's loving it!

Another cool thing--the dash opens for storage, on both passenger and driver sides.

The luggage racks on top can be adjusted--right now I think of them as in "spoiler mode."

Ok, so it looks like a minivan. 
But it's what we need and we're grateful for it!


  1. Woohoo, reminds me of your parents! How nice for you and your family!

    1. It IS like mom and dad's Vauxhall, but a lot bigger! It is nice to have!

  2. Woot. You used to right side driving yet?

    Plea: I don't approve of spelling 'favorite' with a 'u.' You're American! Please don't become a British English speaker. I'm avoiding those ppl right now. Enough is enough of their unnecessary letters, silly pronunciation (they call a router a rooter, they say ur-eye-nal and vag-eye-nal and parTIciple and conTROVersy) and don't get me started on their vocab! Please please please stay American...

    1. I have to constantly tell myself "stay on the left, stay on the left" and I usually do an OK job at it! Shifting with my left hand was the hardest to get used to!

      In retaining my [American] roots I only do the Scottish vernacular that's come naturally, not forcing anything. I do the same with pronunciation.
      We did have to switch our computers, iPad and phones over to British English. It's where we're living and I needed a £ sign on my keyboard--the spellcheck is set accordingly, hence the "favourite" and "realise" spellings.
      I'm still American and I still love sweet tea and ice in my drinks!