Thursday, 12 September 2013

Let's Get Some Messages!

"Messages" are groceries, FYI. I don't use the term without thinking about it first but my friends here do!

Whilst shopping today I thought I'd give y'all insight into what I get to see and shop for one morning a week. I took along a camera and tried to ignore the curious looks as I focused on meat, produce and dry goods!


First off, it's SO apparent we live in Scotland as you can find SO many Scottish products, and quite honestly it's pretty cool they market their own products so heavily.

Scottish Pork
Yum--Mark can do a mean pork chop on the grill...

Scottish Beef
It's a REALLY big deal here. I'm sad to say I don't purchase this as Scottish beef is grass-fed and I think has a bit of a gamey taste. Give those poor cows some corn!

The bakery section:
Open air, you can smell the stuff you want to buy!

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies
I treat myself to one of these gems each time I'm at Lidl's (Lidl's, a German store like Aldi)

Mackie's Ice Cream
Scottish ice cream tastes very, VERY buttery!

A "Breakfast Pack"
Top left going clockwise:
Scottish breakfast link sausage; black pudding (blood sausage); Scottish recipe Lorne (beef sausage with a little seasoning) and hash browns!

A Haggis!
This is EVERYWHERE, although to get a really "good" one the local butcher may be your best bet. Haggis is a sheep's stomach stuffed with oatmeal and ground sheep's heart, liver and lung.
I'm. Not. Kidding. And my husband and children LOVE this.

Scottish Salmon
A salmon lovers dream!

Walkers is THE brand of crisps (chips) here. 
These are the classic flavours:
Cheese & Onion, Ready Salted, Salt & Vinegar, Prawn Cocktail and Worcestershire Sauce

Hard Gums?
Maybe gum drops? I didn't realise they were so American. But I don't like gum drops there so I probably won't like them here!

This is a BIG thing here. My dear friend loves it on her toast. I can't reconcile the creamy, smooth texture of liver with a meat product...

Black Eye
Another Pudding (pudding here is "sausage" or "dessert"!) This is beef sausage with black pudding. Notice the brand: "We Hae Meat" (We Have Meat)!

Haggis Pizza
Pizza with haggis on it (not in the stomach sack, of course, it has a ground sausage texture). Caedmon wanted this for supper tonight.

Goose Fat
Well then...

From Scotland, see the cool jugs they come in? It's to better fit in the tiny refrigerators here.
YUM, we go through nearly 4 gallons a week (blame the pregnant lady).

Channel Island Milk
This is 100% Jersey and Guernsey cow milk. It has a cream top and is nearly yellow because of the creaminess. It's also Mark's favourite milk in the whole world (Even more so than Promised Land Dairy products in the states). 
I should've taken a picture of the nutritional information as that would give my reasons for hardly ever purchasing this!

Check out the flavours:
Blackcurrant, Rhubarb and Gooseberry!

The Yogurt Section
One of my favourites. You have never tasted better stuff than this--and the variety is AMAZING!

UK grocery stores always have an outstanding cheese selection, no matter how small they are!

They CAN be found here! And we ALWAYS have these in our quesadilla-loving house!

Cheesey & Ham Macaroni
Proudly advertising that it's Scottish!

The Fabulous 3
Indian food to the UK is like Mexican food to the US. It's a BIG deal here. 
Korma, Tikka Masala and Jalfrezi are the biggies. 

Frozen Peas
There are more peas than any other frozen veggie, with the exception of...

Potatoes cut into big fries are a staple.

Yorshire Pudding
They're a for reals thing-- a pastry.

This one is self explanatory. 

We eat this here at the Anderson household!

The cereals are by and large healthier, less sugary, less flavoured and have less colouring than American equivalents. 
A lot of them also have chocolate in them.

Sandwich Baguettes
Another Anderson staple. These 4 packs for £1 rock my world. 
They also smell fabulous.

Chocolate Chips
Teeny bag, big price! We love bags of Nestle choc. chips from the states.

Chicory & Coffee Essence
This is a first for me to see, but it was by the vanilla extract and has a kilted man on the label...

Cake Mixes and Canned Frosting
Those of you enjoying the $1 Betty Crocker mixes, don't take them for granted. These babies come out to $3.50!
Another family-import from the US we cherish!

Chocolate Spread
They have some peanut butter here, but this is WAY more popular.

Cadbury Chocolate Spread
My sister, Jillian, and her husband are addicted to this.

Meringue Nests
I've often wished for these when I was in the US. They are little 'nests' made from meringue and you can put all kinds of loveliness into them!

Maple Syrup
The ONLY options--the real deal (the stuff on the left is full of carob syrup and is not the same) cost $9.47. (thanks mom and dad for sending us over Mrs. Butterworths!)

Baxters Soup
Made just down the road from us in Fochabers. It's all yummy stuff.

The official pop of Scotland. It tastes like Big Red, but not really.

It's juice, but needs to be diluted with water. (ask me how I know, or rather, ask my kids)

Scottish Specialty Crisps (chips)
Flamegrilled Aberdeen Angus, Haggis & Cracked Black Pepper and Scotch Bonnet Chili Pepper 

Caithness Biscuits Home Made Wee Oatcakes
Yay! Love seeing that girl's name on things! 

Baxters Sliced Beetroot
Another must have over here. 
(I'm not a beet fan, so it's not in our kitchen.)

Scottish Jam
Scottish strawberry (the Scottish strawberries really are tiny and sweet over here!) and orange marmalade
(because "jelly" is Jell-O over wonder Caedmon's peanut butter & jelly sandwich gets some looks at school lunch time!)

Whew! Ok, that was our jaunt through the store. Getting messages took me a bit longer today, but I thought y'all would enjoy the trip with me!

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