Thursday, 5 September 2013

Exciting Work This Summer!

Some highlights of this summer:

Walking to church! 
We're only 3 blocks away and it's a nice way to enjoy the morning on the way to worship.

Sunday school time at BCC. 
This is held in the church hall which is directly behind the church sanctuary while the sermon goes on. Sometimes the singing gets quite loud--it's lovely to hear!

Mark preaching at Buckie Church of Christ.
Our church home!
(Me trying to be non-distracting and discreet and not be a paparazzi wife.)

A fun interview with the local paper. 
Mark was able to share the vision to a large audience--cool!

With the 10th annual Holiday Bible Club came lots of planning and organization--on both sides of the Atlantic! Such a large undertaking was evident in the attendance at the organizational meeting held at Buckie Church of Christ!

A large percentage of volunteers were the teenagers who have made their way through HBC as attendees.
These are the cool kids who had a space all of their own on the back row! 
(most of these would be the teens we would later take to our very first annual Holiday Bible Camp--a new undertaking of Buckie Church of Christ and Portgordon Community Church).

10th Annual Holiday Bible Club!
The theme was Kingdom Rock and we saw close to 300 combined total of workers and children each day!
 (FYI- Group VBS's have THE best music of any other publisher!)

What a crowd! 
There's something wonderful about being with over 200 children singing their heart out in worship!

We also had some fun games...that may or may not have involved squirty cream (canned whipped cream)!

 First annual Holiday Bible Camp was a hit! 
The kids loved playing, learning and worshiping together!
Here they are playing a highly sophisticated and strategic game with mini marshmallows.

Much like American church camps, each night we ended camp with a campfire time! 
We enjoyed a time of worship, a short message and the most wonderful hot chocolate ever tasted.

At the beginning of August Mark led worship for the Keswick convention. 
Here's my point of view:
(Yes, I was sneaking in a quick picture during worship!)

Portgordon Community Church and Buckie Church of Christ just kicked off their Kids Club on Tuesday nights. 
Here is the "tack shop" where the kids can purchase penny candy.

In the sanctuary of BCC a great time of parachute games is going on!
We're grateful for a building that is so multi-purpose!

Having been caught in one of these situations once, I decided to leave my pregnant self the safe route and take pictures without going under the parachute!

A baking session was on the rotation. 
How many kids can fit in a tiny galley style church kitchen?!

Mmm, smells like chocolate.
Fun and food!

Happy to help, Leah, a chef and part of BCC bravely leads the group of aspiring bakers.

Another station is the craft table. 
This is led by a good friend, Andrea and her son, Marcus.

Here the kids are working diligently on their name projects.
Good to Know: You can make just about any kid laugh with your "American accent!"

The tack shop again...look at all that yummy candy!

Willie Aitken, pastor of PCC, spends time with each group of children.
Towards the end he will give a short devotion to all--a memorable way to end a great evening!

 What a great start to our ministry here in Buckie!
Continue to pray for BCC and PCC and the work that is being done. God is moving here in Scotland!

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