Friday, 9 August 2013

More Thankfulness

It's time yet again to post some things I'm thankful for.
I'm going to go ahead and say that there are quite a few food pictures, it's ok though because I wouldn't judge you if you were 6 months pregnant doing the same.
It's super-bad-guy fun roaming around the house and town snapping pictures of my favourites!
This will be so much fun, promise.

Steak Pie. 
Kinda has a strange name to us Americans but our local butcher, Kenny Thompson, carries the best I've ever tasted. 
Roast beef. 
Pastry crust. 

Good friends: 
The kids love playing with all their new Scottish friends. Here they are in Caedmon's room playing with Evan. He's presh and lets them tackle him and carry on with such shenanigans.

Large playground:
Each week we enjoy special family outings. Most often we like to traipse along the shore of the sea. This is a fun and terrifying time as there are cliffs and 2 and 4 year old girls involved. 

Cullen Ice Cream:
The stuff legends are made of and only 7 miles away. This is said ice cream with the fabulous Cullen beach in the background.

2 Year Olds:
I had to put this up so I'd remind myself to laugh about it one day. 
Sunday morning, mommy's ColorStay (read: semi PERMANENT) Lipstick in bright flam-dinging red, 2 minutes of unsupervised 2 year old comes up with this lovely sight...
We ended up late for church if you're wondering.

We're not into TV here at the Anderson household. So we have a plethora of movies. They help on the infamous Scottish weather days. (disproportionate a 3 shelves: kids, bottom shelf: momma & daddy)

 Sweet boy:
If there is a flower nearby my son will pick it and give it to me.
Oh my heart.

Grocery shopping:
Provides me the opportunity to take the following photographs.
You read right, folk, 
hot dogs in a can and Kangaroo Steaks are for purchase.

Funny Stuff:
One of my favourite things is laughing, at me, at funny junk or signs posted in hospitals.
No Photoshopping here, just plain made-Mark-snort-and-giggle-out-loud-in-the-waiting-area sign.

PS- In regards to my last post script: KINDLE FOUND!!! 
Dearest aforementioned Evan found my wonderfully organised Kindle tonight while playing with our kids! I can continue on my quest to read a ridiculous amount of books in a ridiculous amount of time.


  1. horray for finding the kindle! you'd be lost without it, i'm sure. well, at least productive.

    1. I heart my Kindle. And yes it hinders productivity...