Friday, 26 July 2013

Giving Thanks

I wanted to share with everyone a few things we're thankful for right now. Some may seem silly but I wanted to give a wide spectrum of things that truly make our lives a bit brighter!

Letters of encouragement from dear friends! <3

These lovelies:
Hidden Valley Ranch packets and Good Seasons Italian dressing packets. I can pretty much rule the culinary world with these. Amen.

Fresh flowers:
They're super inexpensive here and my husband keeps me in fresh supply!

Packing boxes and boxes of books: 
The kids love to read and the bottom shelves here at home hold most of our children's library. Mark's books have to live at church in his office :)

This masterpiece: 
I despise potty chairs, there's nothing worse than having a non-flushing mini toilet you've gotta take care of after... 
This, my friends, is a potty training mummy's bestest friend. 

I did warn you, it was a random list. There you have it, I'm off to find other treasures for next week's thankful post!

-Have it mentioned to anyone where I carefully placed my Kindle last fall? I packed it in a great spot and it seems to still be hiding there...

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