Monday, 22 July 2013

Our Toy Story

Today I have tackled boxes. 
Boxes of clothes. 
Boxes of books. 
Boxes of toys. 
That's right, boxes, folk. 
It appears our children's playthings have all given birth to multiples on their Atlantic voyage.

Where. Did. They. Come. From?
How. Did. They. Multiply?
Did you know Caithness and Aberdeen have TWO castles and TWO dollhouses in their room?!
Did you know Caedmon has TWO ships (battle and pirate) a space shuttle and gigantic dinosaur in his? 
We don't have enough room for children in the children's rooms!

I'd like to blame the grandparents: their money bought most of it. I'd like to blame the kids' father as the "messy gene" is directly from him. I'd LIKE to blame the toymakers and their fabulously irresistible products and marketing.
But the blame must go solely on the one responsible: someone really needs to talk to the lady in charge of separating in the proverbial sheep from the goats in sorting toys to take because she did an awful job.

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