Tuesday, 20 August 2013

My Husband is Amazing

Just letting everyone know I love my husband.

No really, I do.

He's a handy guy to have around and plus he's put up with me for nearly 11 years, 9 of which we've been eternally yoked in matrimony.
 I am not afraid to put butter mints in my mouth like teeth, even on my wedding day.
I don't care who you are, it's hilarious to see someone like that--corn off the cob is great too.

Not only has this guy repaired several things in the manse for us, put in new shelves in the pantry, fixed the downstairs toilet, replaced the upstairs bathroom cabinet (get an idea of his handiness?) but he has also fixed my computer.

My lovely, large screen, perfectly organized iMac decided to have a temporary fritz (as an Apple fan it pains me to say that) mid-update to the Mountain Lion operating system. If you just went into a technology-illiterate haze it's ok-I'm just regurgitating information Mark tells me.

These precious photos were GONE! :*(    
(is that how you do a crying emoticon or what?)

This was a near catastrophe as ALL my life is on this computer including over 13 years of a highly organized iPhoto library.

We're talking organized, y'all, down to the dates of every month and how old my children were in that month--I can look up pictures according to the year, month, day or age of the child--fabulous really.

Not only has Mark set up my computer with an external drive running on Time Machine (enter techno-haze again) but he also has restored my computer once before.

This time it didn't work.
Oh. No. 
I had a few photos here and there, no remembered settings, no organized library, no happiness (ok, well that's a bit of a stretch). But it felt as if I was a stranger wandering around on my own computer. I despaired...

But guess what? He fixed it for reals! We love Apple, but we do NOT want to take our products into an Apple store, mostly for the cost of a genius.

So this afternoon I was able to spend some blissful time updating the past 6 weeks of photos into my good old iPhoto library.
OH MY LANTA. Do you SEE how many pictures I have?!

I love you, Mark Anderson!

Oh yeah, we totally were made for one another.
(MINISTER DISCLAIMER: Christmas 2003 and his shorts are there, just rolled up...)

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