Friday, 22 August 2014

Some Summer Fun

July is a somewhat crazy busy month for us, and guaranteed I have photographic evidence of every part. This is true especially now in these here modern days when phones double as cameras and cameras as phones.

I often times confuse the two, calling a phone a camera when I mean a phone and vice versa. 
It's a problem I have. 
I also do this with 

mushrooms and onions 
Wal-Mart and McDonalds. 

Thank you for listening.

The first week of July my mom and sister were here for Holiday Bible Club so when I noticed beautiful hues of colour streaming through our windows at 10 pm one night I had to go check it out!
I'm thankful my momma and sis were there because Mark and I were able to take a quick trip 'doon the brae' (down the hill) and check it out.

Getting closer--ahh the colours!

In the words of my brother in law
Oh. My. Lanta. 
 I desperately want to be a better photographer for situations such as these.

I refocused and if you look way across the firth towards the sun you can see the coast of Caithness and the mountainous highlands. 
Aat the very farthest right on the horizon is Wick.

Also, extra credit points if you can see my favourite peak "Mount Morvan" 
hint: it looks like a perfect volcanic cone

In the foreground is the old Buckpool Harbour.


Thistles complete this picture.
Love simple gifts such as a sunset like this.

This is the parking lot (car park) where we live. 
It's small, full of cars, and paved, but it's outside and our kids DESPERATELY need to be outdoors. 
Here they're playing a game with their daddy.

I believe it's called "daddy pretends to grab the kids with giant dirty tongs". 

But it made me laugh when I saw the pictures. 

Also, it was insight as to why supper took 45 minutes to grill that night.

Then it was the 4th of July.
Being the American we are, we celebrated.

We ain't tryin' to be rebels and disturb the peace here,
we just love cake, Jack.
And America.

I was a bit skeptical of the theme "Weird Animals" 
'cause that ain't an easy thing to decorate, you know?

But it worked, and it worked well. 
Jesus and His love was proclaimed daily...
how would it NOT work?!



Over 170, in fact.

They're super cute, enthusiastic, and lots of fun!

Do you see any you know?

I spy a cutie!

I was able to be the photographer (ahahahahaha) for the week and put together daily highlight reels. 
SO fun!
Those pictures are all on the church's laptop, and it's on the other side of the living room.
Which may as well be Taiwan because if I move from this computer desk to grab something the natives will notice my presence and I'll never be able to return.
Also, I don't want to get another computer out.

Here's one of the short highlight reels
nicely pixelated for your viewing pleasure...

It got super warm a couple of the days here. 
So at 7 pm we ran to the beach to swim.

The water is VERY cold.
But our kids don't care.
Note: they're the only ones in the water.

I think I've officially reached maturity when I'm not begging to swim every chance I get.
Either that or it's because of the whole 'having to wear a swimming suit' issue.

We'll do this again.
We've only scratched July's surface...

For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them. 
 For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. 
So they are without excuse. 
Romans 1:19-20 ESV
(emphasis mine)

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