Friday, 15 August 2014

Showering in Scotland

Showering in Scotland would be the much the same as showering in the USA. 

Except Scotland doesn't do showers...

I mean I suppose people here have heard about showers, but it's a new concept. They've managed without showers for hundreds, even thousands of years. They've found other ways besides a shower and it's worked out well. But I wanted these people to know what showering is all about, how fun it is, and how it blesses the person who's being showered.

So I'm proud to say I have now given a small taste to northeastern Scotland of what a shower is all about.
No bathtubs or soap required, I'm talking about a good 'ol baby shower.

I think I should never try to be a mystery writer, because as clearly illustrated by the example above, it ain't working out for me.

I happen to have two sisters who are BOTH pregnant, but they are in the USA and I am 5,000 miles away. So when I found out that one of them would be coming over to help with Holiday Bible Club I jumped at the chance of doing the big sister thing and throwing a baby shower!

Me, my sis, our momma, and 2 of my 3 girlies going 'showerin'!

Jillian and her husband, Jason, want to be surprised in learning the gender of the baby. And you can't blame 'em, Mark and I didn't find out with our first three and there's no surprise quite like it. 
Except if you're planning a baby shower, then you want no surprises, clear cut blue or pink. OK?! 

Soooo because I couldn't talk my sister into an impromptu gender reveal ultrasound we had to have a baby shower that is gender neutral. 
I went with one of my favourite colours called, "all of 'em."

Love, love, love colour!

My sister, Jillian.

Jase and Jilly live in Minnesota so their birth announcement was apropos and sweet.
That's one of their canoes with their paddles and a hand-carved one made by Jase just for Baby Schneider

Fun and tasty popcorn!
Any cute ideas are most likely from Pinterest. 
Why reinvent the wheel when dozens of craftier-than-thou ladies 
have already done such an excellent job?

I am in love with these cupcakes. 

I could stare at them all day. 

The swirls are so mesmerising... 

The mom-to-be made these cookies herself!
She's great at cookies and I'm well, not. 
Sorry not sorry I had her work for her own shower.

She'd want me to tell you they're not her fault
--the crispy crinkly texture is a result of me not having any cooking oil and convincing her to just use my olive oil.

She swore the cookies had a EVOO wang to them.
I swore they didn't.

Turns out she was right, when I pitched the finally empty bottle last week 
I noticed  it was a special "peppery blend"

Marshmallows on straws dipped in chocolate and sprinkles.

An American import especially for the shower. 

A sweet friend made these cutie pie cake pops. 

Gift table with Airdrie's quilt as a backdrop.
Airdrie got this quilt as a gift on our trip back to the USA.
 Our friend Jeanne has made all four of our kids quilt-rich and we love 'em and her!

Diaper cake on the gift table.
Fun fact: the "table cloth" on this table is in fact a shower curtain.
Party supplies are rather difficult to come by here.
I KNEW I'd get a bathing theme stuck in here somewhere! 

 Hello again gorgeous swirls, I can't keep my eyes off of you...

When the checker at the till in Tesco knew I was purchasing baby shower supplies she raised her eyebrows at these plastic shot glasses on the conveyor belt. 

So this is a better visual explanation for you, checker lady, 
in case I didn't explain the mini milkshakes enough the 20 times I was trying to convince you. 

Disposalbe shot glasses + milkshake sweeties + chopped off straw + cotton candy (candy floss) = mini milkshakes 
an entirely appropriate baby shower treat, thank you very much 

Background check:
Let's all take a moment and appreciate the huge bites of wax taken out of the cupcake candles I swiped out of my girls' room decor.  

Marshmallow sticks, a jar of sweeties and flying saucer candies all colour appropriate.
Never, ever, ever put one of these flying saucer "candies" in your mouth.
They are made of foam and powder and regret

We played a FEW games.

  And they weren't dumb, 

 We "signed" a guest book for Baby Schneider's room

Opened lovely gifts

We wrote stuff on diapers (nappies). 


Now we're all ready for Baby Schneider to come into the world! 
Hopefully he'll like pink, or she'll like blue.


  1. you young mama's are so creative. Keep're good at it.

    1. Pinterest really helps! And thank you, you're kind