Monday, 8 June 2015

Flowers, Seals, and Slimy Things

We've been exploring, as we are oft to do.
Scotland has so so many beautiful places to hike around.
Our kids ask a lot for us to take them to the ever present, ever popular indoor play areas here. Those are great--for rainy days.

But we tell them God has created an amazing playground for them outside.
We're going to walk all over it...
and they're gonna like it!

Best part of God's playground?

It doesn't cost £4 a head.

It's not far from us and...

There are seals where we live!

We like to go watch them.

I'll admit: I attempt to speak seal to them.
I think they understand me, with their precious little puppy dog faces.

We have plenty to explore.

And I'll take random photos of where my Keens have been. 
(It's funner when you say that with a Scottish accent where "Keen" and "been" rhyme.)

It's a sensory playground for Airdrie Bear...

Ehhh, umm 4th child...
it's good for her immune system.

KIDDING--I take those things out of her mouth. 
I know the shopping cart handles are more apropos for building immunity to diseases.

In not watching what I'm doing when attempting "feet selfies" 
I sometimes get my feet wet in 33 degree water.

I love it when my boys have father son bonding time--essential for little boys.

I let my kids wander onto a roof covered in grass.

The voice of reason (aka their father) reminded me 
we don't know the condition of the house, the roof may collapse.
So I called the kids down again.

This is maybe indicative of who we are as people--
Anderson, he's been blessed with a lot of common sense.
I on the other hand, well I'd like to think I'm fun to be around...

The voice of reason himself....

Sometimes I make him be my model.

In which he laughs and tells me he doesn't know what to do.

So I told him to look GQ, to put on a smoulder.

So he tried...

And then I snorted in laughter.


Delicate little things.
The flowers, that is.
Ain't nobody's feet gonna look dainty in those shoes.

Airdrie loves riding on her daddy's back.
She loves being able to pat him and love on him and sing to him.

He loves it too--they're both mush-heads.

This is what we look like hiking around.

I'm loving it...

The flowers are out in full force.

Buttercup chin.

Trying to gather the flora in the area.

And the fauna.

The kids stumbled upon a snail colony.

They were everywhere.

And my children gathered them,

touching the sliminess.

Oh happy day, another discovery.

Of course, it had to be another nasty thing.

I can't handle slimy stuff.
Can. Not. Handle. It.

But you don't get to be a momma of 4 without gaining some street smarts.
I don't ever, ever, ever show this "weakness" to my children.
They would capitalise on it.
I'd never sleep in peace again.

But then, hiking around a cove, we found another seal watching us.
Seals, I can handle.

And then we saw DOLPHINS!
Sorry this is my best picture, even with my 300mm zoom lens.
But they were out there playing!

We're just waiting for our next dry day to wander around some more.
Stay tuned!

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