Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Costume Creations

I love autumn. 

Even with the heavyweight holiday of Christmas in winter's favour, fall still sings to me. 
Sweet songs of crisp days, vibrant colours, pumpkin spice EVERYTHING, hayrides, apple cider, sweaters, NOT hot sticky summer...

Seriously, folk. I love it.
Each year since we've had babies (and actually before that, although there was nary a digital camera to be found to capture it) we've enjoyed participating in a Fall Festival at church. 

I've participated in one, I've helped at some, I've run several.
Seriously, folk. I love 'em.

Sometimes during Fall Festival your mother in law wins the Golden Ladle Award in the chili cook-off.
It's because her Green Chili is better than sliced bread.
And I live in a country where not all bread comes sliced,
so that's saying a lot.

But then when you have babies the fun-ness of this time of year gets better. 
You get to dress children up.
However you want.
To laugh at, mostly.

So I dress my kids up.
And I love it.
Seriously, folk. I love it.

Newborn Caedmon's first Fall Festival:
He's a lobster.
OOOOHHHH my goodness. 
I could eat him up, and I don't even like seafood.

Caedmon is a chicken

A dang adorable little chicken.

Most of the time we'd run by Ms. Wanda's house as our one candy-stop.
She's totally got the good stuff--see all that chocolate?!

Not me.
The one time I was home for Halloween I gave out Sonic mints.
Yeah, I'm not proud to say I'm "that lady."

The boy is on to me and has requested a more serious costume.
A pirate.

This is when I was applying for mother of the year.
I sewed that costume...
Also, his engineering-genius of a father made those boot covers.

Hi again Ms. Wanda!
We love you!

This year the child has an even greater opinion/imagination/vision.
He'd like to be Jonah IN the big fish...

This is when I handed over the reigns to his Aunt Jilly.
She made all that.
Because we now had 2 to dress...

 Caithness Maela was 6 months old and just begging to be a mermaid.
Actually, no. 
That was Aunt Jilly and momma's idea.
Because one of the joys of having children is laughing at them.

And laugh at her I still do.
That wig tho...

I can't. Even. Stand. It.

Caedmon would like to be a Scuba Steve please.
(in honour of you, Mr. Hills)

Bada-bing, bada-boom, Aunt Jilly makes it happen!

Ness doesn't yet have an opinion.
So we made her a peacock.

I say we, because I helped make Caithness and my sister made her costume.
Thanks for horning in on my glory, Jillian.


A fun fact called: I'm pretty sure most of these pieces of costumes are somewhere in Missouri still.
In case my kids ever want to wear them or play with them again.

I'm a sentimental hoarder. 

Caedmon again ups the ante.
He wanted to be Robin Hood.

We're not talking Kevin Costner Robin Hood here.
Caedmon prefers Errol Flynn...

Not that we gave him a choice,
or let him watch movies with Mr. Costner in them. 

Caedmon (with a little help from his daddy) MADE his bow.

And then it won Bow of the Month in the Primitive Archer website.
(this website is what Mark fondly refers to as "his Pinterest")

It is a for reals weapon.
And he's darn proud of it.
It's hanging in his room here in Scotland.

Nessie was Jessie from Toy Story.

SO cute.
And by this time we'd again added to our numbers...

Aberdeen is 6 months old!
And she's a fabulously tubby Carmen Miranda. 

Complete with earrings.

Once again, thanks to Aunt Jilly for the amazing costumes.

 This was a fun Fall Festival at Providence Christian Church in Sugarland, Texas.
I got to face paint.
And I believe I've mentioned I love to paint..

Even sweaty little kids' faces.

Momma dropped the ball.
I've got 2 pictures of 2 of my children in costume.

They look like this.
Caedmon was a repeat pirate.
Ness was a Mizzou cheerleader, and Deen was a Broncos cheerleader.

Please use your imagination how adorable my kids looked and discuss amongst yourselves the costuming consequences of a major move in October.

Another baby!
Airdrie was a kitty.

Recycle, reuse, renew!
Aberdeen got to be Jessie this go-round.

Nessie was a "Pumpkin Princess"
She was THRILLED because of the drawn on lashes and dark, dark lipstick.

Caedmon was the Lone Ranger.
Complete with spurs on his boots and caps in his pistol.

Once again, we're not talking Armie Hammer.
This is Clayton Moore: 
the only Lone Ranger this boy knows.

Love this time of the year!

And so here I sit.
Trying to figure out how to do a Hobbit and
Anna and Elsa (with ALL the rest of the girls aged 2-13).

At least I do know I have wee mermaid costume upstairs, 
complete with blond wig, 
just waiting to be worn again!


  1. Can't wait to see your creativity shine this year, Jordan (and to see how Jillian dresses her new little wee one for his/her first fall festival!)

    1. Ha! We'll see, Aunt Jilly will most likely be out of commission so...yikes!