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Our Wedding 5-15-04

On May 15, 2004 I became Mrs. Mark Allen Anderson!
And since the internet and blogging were somewhat of unrefined dinosaurs back then (or at least my knowledge of them was) here's my blog post with my wedding pictures, 10 years overdue.

If you were there see if you can spot yourself in the background, I tried to include lots of those kinds of pictures!

But in typical me form, a few prior-to pictures!

Our engagement ceilidh (party) right here in Scotland at Buckie Church of Christ!
Little did we realise we'd be ministering in the very same church 10 years later.

Reel-ing the night awa...

My dad, Ronald, Raemond, and Mark at our ceilidh.
Mark's a fiddler and played a bit with the Strathspey Fiddlers that night.
Mark's also exceedingly joyful he now owns a for reals sporran instead of the rabbit skin thingy he's wearing here...

Two weeks before the wedding I had bridal portraits taken, a new-fangled thing for the time. 

These were all taken in Los Colinas, Texas. Right outside a Parking Garage.

That's right folk, only in Texas would a parking garage look this fabulous.

Look at baby Brian!

Rehearsal time. Mark's brothers sang for our wedding.
Luke, Joshua (hidden), John, Matthew, and Micah
I'm so glad they (begrudgingly, as with all bros weddings) agreed to!
They're amazing, just click on one of the links to their songs at the bottom of this page...

Small mishap on aisle one.
My momma and cousin, Ben.

Super fun time of a wonderful and yummy Anderson rehearsal dinner!

My sister, Jillian, and Evan (Evan's now in our high school youth group here in Buckie!)

We did a little Scottish dancing after the dinner to practise for the wedding reception.

Some things never change...

Aw, this is Leanne, she lives here in Buckie and is actually now the girls' highland dance teacher!

Wedding day! Me with my wedding helper extraodinaire; Aunt Sharon!
She's got a walkie-talkie for me, I'm telling you if you need a wedding to run smoothly get yourselves an Aunt Sharon to run the behind the scenes parts!

Boys getting ready, look at those cool Anderson tartan kilts!

Helping to fix my sister in law to be, Chandra's hair.

My Aunt Michelle and Mark's mom, Marylou.

My sisters, Catlin and Jillian.

Putting on Kilt pins. 
This is Mark's cousin, who is a Ferguson. The Ferguson boys wore Ferguson tartans, and the Anderson boys wore Anderson.

 Fun fact: the lipstick I wore on my wedding day is the same exact one I wore when I was in the Blossom Pagent in Canon City, Colorado.
I mean the SAME tube, 4 years later.
Sentimental or Tightwad? 
You be the judge.

Mark with his fly plaid.

My pretty momma!

My cousin Caleb taking his ushering duties very seriously...

Aw, my dearest friends from university, Christie Michal and JodiB!

My daddy in Middleton tartan.

My other dear friend from university, Julie.
If I had to do it again I'd say, WHO CARES about numbers, I'm having 10 bridesmaids and Jules would be up there with us.
Jules, I totally saw you had your camera in your you have pictures from my wedding?!

Ben, ushering.

Aw, look at all my friends and family!

Nearly all of our Aunts/grandmas wore hats to the wedding.

Mark's sister, Kristi, looking pretty.

Mark's brother John

Cousin Dan

Brother, Matthew

Dan and Matthew with cutie ring-bearer Noah

Matt Compton fabulously accompanied my Aunt Michelle singing "Hallowed"
To this day my apologies for forgetting Matt's name in our wedding programme...sorry Matt.
These things happen to me when I decide 36 hours before the wedding I'd like to design my own wedding programmes to hand out...

My dad performed the ceremony.

Woo look at all those HAWT bridesmaids!
I designed the dresses, because I ain't going for poofy sleeves or prom-y junk, y'all.

My cousin, Mackenzie, was my precious flower girl.
She gradates from high school this month...what!?

He liked it so he put a ring on it...

We took communion with our parents--such a special time in the ceremony.

 I "tapped out" of the everlasting kiss Mr. Anderson was attempting to bestow upon me...
Because MY FATHER was standing right in front of us!
To which Mark always replies, 
"He TOLD me to kiss you!"


Noah had a sgian dubh (knife that goes in your kilt sock) too!

Mrs. Anderson!!!
PS- I still have my bouquet to this day! It's under a "Beauty and the Beast glass dome" and lovely, if not a bit faded!

Our candle-lighters Evan and Callen (they're from and live here in Buckie!)

Our parents

All my side of the family

Mark's side of the family

My bridesmaids.
SO pretty!
Yes, I made them carry lit lanterns, bouquets are overrated...

My sisters, love them!

Handsome Anderson/Ferguson men!

Anderson 2nd generation at that time only consisted of Asher, Isaiah, and Noah!

Ladies and gentlemen these men are:
Paramedics, ranchers, farmers, ministers, teachers, and missionaries...

Oops, there was an "incident" during pictures...

Some of my self-designed decor caught fire, yikes!

Receiving line waiting outside in the beautiful Texas day!

I had a great idea to have everyone throw flower petals on us...
Flower petals are too expensive for our budget...
Dried potpourri it is...

ANNNNND it's everywhere and it had acorns in it AND it hurt!

Lovely reception at The Wichita Club.

Chocolate raspberry grooms cake--FABULOUS.

Wedding cake!
I still have about 3,462 of those napkins left...

Mark's dad, Terry, pinning the Anderson sash on me.

Waiting to eat


Yay for a live band! Rubicon did a great job!

Back to the cake...

We were precious and none of that knock down drag out cake smearing...
not a cool tradition  to me.

Now to PARTY!

Fun, fun!

And 10 years later this scene is repeated often.
I don't care who you are, butter mints as buck teeth are funny.

Still dancing away!

The Virginia Reel. Our big, practised dance! 
We were doing this before it was cool, y'all!

Mark and his grandma, aw.

I love dancing.
Just to clarify, if I go to your wedding, I WILL dance.

Aw, my precious Papa!

Doug and Lauren, so sweet!

So it was en vogue 10 years ago to have those "kissing bells" at weddings. 
My grandma rang hers A LOT.

My cousin, Elise, caught the bouquet!
She was married 2 weeks later:)


Mark's brother Joshua caught the garter.
He's not married...yet:)

10 Years Later...

Do you realise you just sat down and looked through my wedding album?! 
I have LOTS more pictures too...
But I'll stop here.
Thanks for going through our wedding journey with us!

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