Thursday, 10 October 2013

Happy 7th Birthday Caedmon!

Last week we celebrated Caedmon's 7th birthday! I can't believe 7 years ago how much my life changed and how I instantly fell in love with a little boy I had never met but known for 9 months. Truly I believe that through our children we get a glimpse of the Father's great love for us. 

Love this picture--Mark seeing Caedmon for the first time.

Here's some highlights from the day:

On Thursday night Mark and I stayed up to finish Caedmon's Lego cake. I love doing cakes for my family, it's fun. No matter what the cake looks like they love it! 
It would NOT be fun to do for a living, plus you have to be a whole lot more polished and professional!

Here at the Anderson house we are vehemently anti-fondant. 
It makes for a gorgeous cake but it has no taste and ruins a cake-- give me buttercream or give me death (not really).

Ok, yeah really.

So in doing this cake we used only as much fondant as we needed to pull of the Lego design, making sure that all fondant areas were based with lots of for reals frosting so those poor recipients of that particular piece could scrape off the inedible parts and still have yummy frosting.

Almost there...

Finished--at 12:30 am!
I can't claim exclusive originality on this as I was "Pinterest inspired" (aren't we all?)...

ok, ok, I copied a cake off Pinterest.

At our house growing up you have to decorate the table the night before so there's a fun surprise in the morning!

check out our splurge: Lucky Charms! I won't tell you what they cost, but let's just say the look on ALL the children's faces was totally worth it.
For the first time in history my children ate all the cereal--not just the marshmallows out of the bowl!
Plus, my pregnant self indulged in a bowl of that heavenly-sugared up cereal.

The next morning:
One Happy Boy!
(We're sure this "super-excited" yet super fake smiling face he's started doing is just a phase)
And the first thing out of his mouth: "Wow mommy, I didn't know you knew anything about Legos."

Uhhh, thanks?
(Mark did the lego blocks, though...ha!)

We also made a single cupcake for Caedmon to eat for his dessert with his school lunch. 
The school here doesn't allow mommas to bring in birthday treats for the class for "health and safety" reasons. 
Finding that out was a sad day for me.

We had Caedmon's party later on Friday night. He made his guest list which was comprised of a handful of friends from school and his "older" friends (kids from the youth group here).
Basically his world revolves around the table group in school. The school kids who came are the ones who sit with him at his in class. 
(He doesn't know the names of the other kids in class--ha!)

We carefully saved out a green, yellow, blue, red and orange Kool-Aid to serve as the drinks. The Scottish kids LOVED it! 

(and really who doesn't like Kool-Aid?)
(If you don't it's because you haven't lived without it yet)

Pizza, crisps, carefully saved from America and sweetly donated Jolly Ranchers from a friend and Kool-Aid made for a simple and kid friendly meal!

Some of the kids came fully decked out in "party clothes." Dressed fancy, and one girl had even been to the hairdresser to have her hair done for the party!

Birthday Boy!

Mark set up our Wii to run through the church's projector.
The kids played a Nickelodeon "Just Dance for Kids" game and it was a hit!

Best idea ever: rent a bouncy house that fits into the church!

It may only be in the area we're in, but kids don't normally open gifts at their party. 
We knew Caedmon would be disappointed if we didn't so we brought our American tradition in and let him tear into them...

They loved it!
Opening the gifts they all got to enjoy the surprise and fun with Caedmon.
Plus, Caedmon is a very sweet boy and read every card and hugged every person when he opened their gift.
I don't know if you can tell, but Caedmon is sitting under the table here--having been pushed all the way under there by the very excited kids!

What a day.
Birthdays only come once a year because it tires a momma out!

We love you Caedmon!

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